Infant Feeding

Breastfeeding Support Services

Telehealth Breastfeeding Support (24/7) – Best Start Ontario

Medication, Alcohol, and Breastfeeding

MotherToBaby  – Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS)

Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed) – NCIB

Breastfeeding & Psychiatric Medications – MGH Centre for Women’s Mental Health

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Pocket Guide – CHU Ste. Justine

Medications Safety during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding – Mother to Baby

Alcohol/Substance Use and Pregnancy – Best Start Ontario

Mixing Alcohol and Breastfeeding – Best Start Ontario

Maternal Medications and Breastfeeding – International Breastfeeding Centre

Alcohol and Breastfeeding – La Leche League

Alcohol and Breastfeeding – CDC

Alcohol Clearance Chart – Best Start Ontario

Breastfeeding and Alcohol Use – Best Start Ontario

Choosing to Breastfeed

10 Great Reasons to Breastfeed your Baby – Health Canada

Amazing Milk – La Leche League Canada

Exclusive Breastfeeding: The Facts – Provincial Maternal and Child Health Council

Nutrition for Healthy Term Infants from Birth to 6 Months – Health Canada

Learning to Breastfeed

Breastfeeding Matters: An Important Guide to Breastfeeding for Women and their Families – Best Start Ontario

Breastfeeding: Starting out Right – International Breastfeeding Centre

Breastfeeding Videos – International Breastfeeding Centre

Breastfeeding Visual Guide from Birth to 3 Weeks – Best Start Ontario

Is my Baby Getting Enough Milk? – International Breastfeeding Centre

How to Know your Baby is Getting Enough – La Leche League

Getting a Good Latch – The Canadian Association of Midwives

Breast Compression – International Breastfeeding Centre

Breastfeeding Tips – La Leche League

Sore Nipples – International Breastfeeding Centre

All-Purpose Nipple Ointment / “Jack Newman” Cream – International Breastfeeding Centre

Breastfeeding for the Health of our Nation: A Booklet for Indigenous Families – Best Start Ontario

Getting Started with Breastfeeding – Standard Children

Breastfeeding Resource Ontario

Breastfeeding Resources in Thunder Bay – Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Milk Supply

Is my Baby Getting Enough Milk? – International Breastfeeding Centre

How to Know your Baby is Getting Enough – La Leche League

Breastfeeding Visual Guide from Birth to 3 Weeks – Best Start Ontario

Establishing your Milk Supply – La Leche League

Late Onset Decreased Milk Supply or Flow – International Breastfeeding Centre

Herbal Remedies for Breastmilk Supply – International Breastfeeding Centre

Fenugreek Seed for Increasing Milk Supply – Kelly Mom

Domperidone – International Breastfeeding Centre

The FDA and Domperidone – International Breastfeeding Centre

Health Canada and Domperidone – International Breastfeeding Centre

Expressing and Storing Breastmilk

Expressing Breastmilk – International Breastfeeding Centre

Hand Expression – La Leche League

Storing Breastmilk Chart – La Leche League

Storing and Expressing Breastmilk: A Guide for Mothers – Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Storing Human Milk – La Leche League

Expressing and Storing Breastmilk – Best Start Ontario

Expressing, Collecting, and Storing of Human Milk – Best Start Ontario

Renting/Purchasing Breast Pumps in Thunder Bay

Breastfeeding and Returning to Work/School – Thunder Bay District Health Unit

What to Feed the Baby when the Mother is Outside the Home – International Breastfeeding Centre

Lactation Counsellors

Lactation Consultants at the Maternity Centre

Call the Maternity Centre at (807) 684-6228 to book an appointment with a lactation consultant (Denise Ham or Liana Pretto), or to register for prenatal breastfeeding classes.

Bosom Buddies is a support group for women who are breastfeeding. Breastfeeding parents meet at Northwood Mall with the lactation consultant and share stories and challenges, and weigh your baby. Drop-in Mondays between 2:00 – 3:00 pm.

Bestfeeding with Maria – Lactation, Breastfeeding, and Nutrition Counsellor

Maria Romeu graduated at the International Breastfeeding Centre (Jack Newman’s Clinic) from the Lactation Medicine Program.  She has a Bachelors’ Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Masters’ Degree in Nutrition and Metabolism.  She is a Lactation Resident with Dr. Jack Newman, working with his amazing team of paediatricians and IBCLCs.

She offers online appointments in prenatal and postpartum breastfeeding support.  She also offers online classes on prenatal breastfeeding, and introduction to solid foods for babies. The solids food class is offered through the Jack Newman’s clinic.  Private appointments to counsel families on how to start real foods, and make the transition easier for the whole family (e.g., same meal preps).

Find her on Facebook or contact her by e-mail

Thrush (Candida)

Thrush – Canadian Paediatric Society

Thrush and the Breastfeeding Family – La Leche League

Thrush – La Leche League International

Gentian Violet – Health Canada

Candida Protocol – International Breastfeeding Centre

Fluconazole – International Breastfeeding Centre

Thrush of the Nipple – Canadian Breastfeeding Foundation

Breastfeeding Multiples

Tips for Breastfeeding Twins – La Leche League

11 Tips for Breastfeeding Multiples – Multiple Births Canada

Premature Multiples – Multiple Births Canada

Guidelines for Collecting and Transporting Breastmilk to the NICU – Multiples Canada

Pumping for Multiples – Multiple Births Canada

Tongue Ties (Ankyloglossia)

Checking for a Tongue Tie – Mommypotamus

Dr. Ghaheri (Paediatric Dentist) – Tongue ties, breastfeeding, and tongue-tie laser surgery

Tongue-Tie, Lip-Tie, and Releases – International Breastfeeding Centre

Tongue and Lip Ties – La Leche League International

Ankyloglossia and Breastfeeding – Canadian Paediatric Society Position Statement

Tongue-Tie – HealthLink BC

Speech Production in Young Children with Tongue-Tie – Scientific Publication by Salt et al. 

Frenotomy – Standard Children

Pacifiers (Soothers)

Pacifiers and Thumb Sucking – Canadian Dental Association

Pacifiers (Soothers): A User’s Guide – Canadian Paediatric Society

Pacifier Use – Canadian Paediatric Society

Formula Feeding

Infant Formula: What you Need to Know – Best Start Ontario

How Much Infant Formula to Prepare for Baby – Alberta Health

Cronobacter Bacteria and Formula

How Often and How Much Should Your Baby Eat? –

Tips for making and feeding your infant formula – TBDHU

Introducing Food Allergens

“Eat Early. Eat Often.” – Food Allergy Canada

Reducing Risk of Food Allergy in Your Baby – HealthLink BC

Food Allergies and Intolerances – Canadian Paediatric Society

Allergies – The Hospital for Sick Children

First Nations Traditional Foods Fact Sheet

Introduction to Solids

Call the Maternity Centre at (807) 684-6228 to register for the introduction to solids classes hosted by the dietician. Babies welcome! Target age: 4-6 months

Infant Nutrition (0-24 months) – Health Canada

Starting Solid Foods – International Breastfeeding Centre

Breastfeed a Toddler – Why on Earth? – International Breastfeeding Centre

Iron Needs of Babies and Children – Canadian Paediatric Society

Weaning your Child from Breastfeeding – Canadian Paediatric Society

Feeding your Baby in the First Year – Canadian Paediatric Society

Vegetarian and Vegan Diets in Childhood – Canadian Paediatric Society

Feeding your Baby – Best Start Ontario

Paced Bottle Feeding 

Paced Bottle Feeding – Region of Peel

Information for breastfeeding families Paced Bottle Feeding – Pender County Government

Other Resources

Healthy Eating for Breastfeeding Mothers – Thunder Bay District Health Unit