Prenatal Classes

Tummy Talks

Tummy Talks is an organization that connects prenatal experts in their field with expectant parents. Their mandate is to bring pregnancy and newborn resources to parents to be in order to help educate and prepare them for the new and exciting phase in their life.

Registered Nurses provide a FREE live and interactive prenatal education series online.

Classes and Information Covered:

Labour & Delivery #1
Signs & stages of labour
Positions for labour

Labour & Delivery #2
What to bring to the hospital
Birth Plans
Medical interventions, pain relief options
Cesarean sections
Cord blood/tissue banking education

Post Partum #1
Physical and emotional changes
Newborn’s World (appearances, behaviours, routines)

Post Partum #2
Safe sleep & an awareness of SIDS
How to tell if your baby is sick & when to call the doctor

Dear Baby – Breastfeeding with Joan (Certified Lactation Consultant)
Breastfeeding Basics
Positioning & Holds
Latch Techniques
How to know your baby is doing well

Dear Baby – First Aid Coaching with Irwin
The Principles of First Aid
Breathing Emergencies
Infant and Child CPR
Infant and Child Choking
Wound Care

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THRIVE Prenatal Education For A Fulfilling Birth eCourse

This Canadian course is created by a registered midwife and packed full of evidence-based content focused on the predictors of a satisfying birth, with the goal of teaching you and your support team how to make informed decisions about your health care. When you have the tools necessary to be your own advocate, regardless of the decision that has to be made, intervention offered, or complication that may arise, you’ll feel confident to position yourself at the center of your health care and own your birthing experience.

Information Covered:

  1. Gaining Informed Decision-Making Skills
  2. Anatomy & Physiology of Birth
  3. Diving into the Evidence on Intervention
  4. Pain Management
  5. “Birth Plans” and Doulas
  6. Escalating Concerns & Providing Feedback

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Cost: $149.99 CAD


Preparing For An Empowering Birth

This 6-week course guides you through useful proven ways of coping with labour and cultivating techniques that bring ease and pleasure into your birth. The material, meditations, information, and weekly group calls will give you (and your partner) everything you need to step into childbirth with confidence and power.

Module One: The Miracle Of Birth

In this Module we will explore the wisdom of the body & the wisdom of the baby:

  • How our hormones support us to birth our babies
  • How our environment affects and supports the process of birthing
  • How our babies move through our bodies
  • The importance of gaining awareness of our assumptions and beliefs about childbirth, and building a foundation for practices that support an empowering birthing mindset.

Module Two: Moving Through Labour With Ease

In this module we will explore:

  • How to move through early labour effectively and what is happening during this phase.
  • Rituals that channel energy in positive ways.
  • How to nourish yourself for optimal energy and endurance.
  • Supportive companionship and environments.
  • Continuing to build an empowering mindset.
  • Forms of touch that stimulate endorphin release and relaxation.
  • The power of the breath.
Module Three: Building Our Internal And External Resources

In this module we will explore:

  • How to move through active labour effectively and powerfully.
  • How to work with fears and concerns.
  • Movement, positions and massage.
  • What we can do with our minds and our bodies to support our baby’s passage.
  • Ritual, Sound and Visualization.
  • The Partner’s/Father’s Role; exploring  your concerns and role.
  • Understanding what good labour support looks like.
Module Four: Receiving Your Baby

In this module we will focus in on the end of labour. We will explore and discuss:

  • moving through transition and the ‘pushing’ phase
  • understanding how support, space and different positions affect the movement of the baby through your body
  • practices that facilitate ease during your babies birth such as perineal massage, body/mind awareness, movement and breath
  • how to create the optimal environment for welcoming your baby
Module Five: Exploring Our Options

This module focuses on understanding medical procedures:

  • When and why interventions are offered
  • Exploring natural alternatives to induction and augmentation of labour
  • Caesarean birth: how to create a sacred birth when caesarean is the best birth option
  • How to ask questions so you can make the best informed decisions for you
Module Six: Bringing It Together

Some of the biggest learning comes from hearing about how others have navigated their way through birth in powerful ways. In this module we will take the opportunity to hear empowering stories and insights from past class attendants. We will take time for discussion and questions.

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Cost: $190

Penny Simkin: Relaxation, Rhythm and Ritual

Relaxation, Rhythm, Ritual: The 3 Rs of Childbirth

In this updated release of the 3 Rs, Penny adds a new introduction to this childbirth education classic. With newly mastered audio and brightened lighting, Penny shares 23 “scenes” from the labors and births of 10 women, illustrating with moving examples what she often refers to as “The 3 Rs of Childbirth: Relaxation, Rhythm, and Ritual.”

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Cost: Rent for $4.95 or Buy for $24.95

Penny Simkin’s Childbirth Preparation for Homebirths

Join Penny on Wednesday nights for a comprehensive eight week series to fully prepare yourself to give birth in an out of hospital setting.

Weeks 1-3 will meet in conjunction with families who are planning a hospital birth, and go over all the topics of late pregnancy, the onset of labor, and working with physiologic birth.

Week 4 will meet on Tuesday, and break out the home birth families to talk about hospital interventions in the context of a transfer. (The hospital class will meet on Wednesday.)

Week 5 will have a special bonus class on Tuesday that is devoted just to practicing comfort measures, to thoroughly prepare you for working with labor contractions. Join the full cohort on Wednesday of Week 5 for a discussion about pain medications and cesarean birth.

Week 6 discusses postpartum topics, and has a labor rehearsal.

Weeks 7 & 8 are taught by a breastfeeding and newborn care specialist.

You will come away from your series feeling confident and prepared with skills to work with labor outside of the hospital, ask keyquestions about your care, communicate your preferences for birth, and transition to your new role as parent of a new tiny human!

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Cost: $350

Online Prenatal Program from the Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Program Details

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Prenatal Class Videos by Holiday Tyson