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THRIVE Prenatal Education For A Fulfilling Birth eCourse

This Canadian course is created by a registered midwife and packed full of evidence-based content focused on the predictors of a satisfying birth, with the goal of teaching you and your support team how to make informed decisions about your health care. When you have the tools necessary to be your own advocate, regardless of the decision that has to be made, intervention offered, or complication that may arise, you’ll feel confident to position yourself at the center of your health care and own your birthing experience.

Information Covered:

  1. Gaining Informed Decision-Making Skills
  2. Anatomy & Physiology of Birth
  3. Diving into the Evidence on Intervention
  4. Pain Management
  5. “Birth Plans” and Doulas
  6. Escalating Concerns & Providing Feedbac

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Cost: $149.99 CAD

Online Prenatal Program from the Thunder Bay District Health Unit

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