Newborn Resources


Normal Newborn Behaviour – Association of Ontario Midwives

Why Does my Baby Cry? – La Leche League Canada

The Period of PURPLE Crying – National Center for Shaken Baby Syndrome

Colic and Crying – Canadian Paediatric Society

Fussy Baby – La Leche League

Colic – The Hospital for Sick Children

Never Shake a Baby – Canadian Paediatric Society

Newborn Medications – Vitamin K and Erythromycin

“Newborn Eye Treatment ‘Doesn’t’ Work say Paediatricians who Want Law Repealed” – CBC Article

Evidence on Erythromycin Eye Ointment for Newborns – Evidence Based Birth

Prevention of Ophthalmia Neonatorum – Canadian Paediatric Society 

Eye Prophylaxis Position Statement – Association of Ontario Midwives

Vitamin K for Newborns – Canadian Paediatric Society

FAQs About Vitamin K Deficiency – Centre for Disease Control

The Vitamin K Shot in Newborns – Evidence Based Birth

Guidelines for Vitamin K Prophylaxis in Newborns – Canadian Paediatric Society Position Statement


Circumcision of Baby Boys – Canadian Paediatric Society

Circumcision: Should I Keep my Son’s Penis Natural? – HealthLink BC

Circumcision – Stanford Children

Pets & Newborns

Introducing Your Dog to Your Newborn

Newborn Skin

Your Baby’s Skin – Canadian Paediatric Society

Newborn Rashes and Skin Conditions – HealthLink BC

Common Newborn Rashes – American Family Physician

Diaper Rash – Canadian Paediatric Society


The Importance of Tummy Time – Healthy Families BC

Tummy Time – Pathways

Babies Need Tummy Time – Safe to Sleep 

Well Baby 1-2 Weeks Old – Rourke Development Record

Well Baby 1 Month Old – Rourke Development Record

Well Baby 2 Months Old – Rourke Development Record

Growth Charts – World Health Organization

Vitamin D Supplementation

Vitamin D Supplementation – Canadian Paediatric Society


Jaundice in Newborns – Canadian Paediatric Society

Jaundice in Newborn Babies – National Institute for Healthcare Excellence

Jaundice and Breastfeeding – International Breastfeeding Centre

Jaundice and Phototherapy – Standford Children

Newborn Screening Ontario

Superior Hearing – Local Community Hearing Screening Clinic

Infant Hearing – Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Your Baby’s Hearing – Canadian Paediatric Society

Infant Hearing Program – Ontario Government

Universal Hearing Screening – Canadian Paediatric Society

Newborn Hearing Screening – Mount Sinai Hospital

The Hearing Foundation of Canada


Safe Sleep for Babies – Canadian Paediatric Society

Preventing Flat Heads in Babies that Sleep on their Backs – Canadian Paediatric Society

Swaddling – Canadian Paediatric Society

Healthy Sleep for your Baby and Child – Canadian Paediatric Society

Safe Sleep for your Baby – Public Health Agency of Canada

Safe Sleep Seven – La Leche League International

Bed Sharing and Breastfeeding – The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine’s Protocol on Bed Sharing

Safe Co-Sleeping Guidelines – University of Notre Dame Mother-Baby Sleep Laboratory

Sharing a Bed with Your Baby  – UNICEF

Caring for Your Baby at Night – UNICEF

Crib Safety – Health Canada

Baby Sleep Information Source – BASIS

Recommended Amount of Sleep (Infants Beyond 4 Months) – American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Sleeping Behaviour – Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development

Car Seats

Bringing your Baby Home from the Hospital – Canadian Paediatric Society

Car Seat Safety – Canadian Paediatric Society

Car Seats – Parachute Canada

Illnesses & Infections

Fever and Temperature Taking – Canadian Paediatric Society

Colds in Children – Canadian Paediatric Society

RSV – Canadian Paediatric Society

Routine Immunizations

Immunize Canada

Immunization – Canadian Paediatric Society

Choosing not to Vaccinate? – Canadian Paediatric Society

Immunization Schedule Tool – Health Canada

Ontario Immunization Schedule – Health Canada

Provincial Routine and Catch-Up Vaccine Schedule – Health Canada

Reducing Pain During Vaccines – Canadian Medical Association Journal

A Parent’s Guide to Vaccination – Health Canada

National Advisory Committee on Immunization

Canadian Immunization Guide – Health Canada

Safety & Injury Prevention

Keeping your Young Child Safe Around the House – Canadian Paediatric Society

Choking First Aid – Hospital for Sick Children

CPR in a Baby (0-12 months) – Hospital for Sick Children

Burns and Scalds – Parachute

Preventing Burns: Winter Safety – Parachute

Lead Poisoning – The Hospital for Sick Children 

Ontario Poison Control

Telehealth Ontario

Water Safety

Bathtub Safety – Parachute Canada

Water Safety and Downing Prevention – Hospital for Sick Children

Water Safety for Young Children – Canadian Paediatric Society

Drowning Prevention – Parachute Canada

Environmental Safety

Sun Safety – Canadian Paediatric Society

Sunburn – The Hospital for Sick Children

Sun Protecting your Child’s Skin – The Hospital for Sick Children

Preventing Burns: Campfires and Fireworks – The Hospital for Sick Children

Insect Repellents – Canadian Paediatric Society

Insect Bites – The Hospital for Sick Children

Dental Care

First Dentist Appointment – Canadian Dental Association

Pacifiers and Thumb Sucking – Canadian Dental Association

Pacifiers (Soothers): A User’s Guide – Canadian Paediatric Society

Pacifier Use – Canadian Paediatric Society

Teething – The Hospital for Sick Children

Healthy Teeth for Children – Canadian Paediatric Society

Second-Hand Smoke

Children and Second Hand Smoke – Centre for Disease Control

The Dangers of Second Hand Smoke – American Academy of Paediatrics 

Second Hand Smoke – The Hospital for Sick Children

Dangers of Second Hand Smoke – Health Canada

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS)

Healthy Outcome for you and your Baby: Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome – Thunder Bay Drug Strategy

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome – March of Dimes

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome – Standford Children’s Health

Drug Withdrawal in Newborns – HealthLink BC

Tongue Ties (Ankyloglossia)

Checking for a Tongue Tie – Mommypotamus

Dr. Ghaheri (Paediatric Dentist) – Tongue ties, breastfeeding, and tongue-tie laser surgery

Tongue-Tie, Lip-Tie, and Releases – International Breastfeeding Centre

Tongue and Lip Ties – La Leche League International

Ankyloglossia and Breastfeeding – Canadian Paediatric Society Position Statement

Tongue-Tie – HealthLink BC

Speech Production in Young Children with Tongue-Tie – Scientific Publication by Salt et al. 

Frenotomy – Standard Children

Alternative Medicines

Homeopathy – Canadian Paediatric Society