When to Call Your Midwife: Postpartum

For Mom

  • If you soak two per-pads in a half hour. Bleeding is normal after you have a baby and can continue up to six weeks. It is normal to soak a pad after lying down for a while, but if you continue to soak another pad, feel faint, or passing many clots please page.
  • Feel fever, chills, or abnormal pain. Temperature above 37.5 °C
  • Feeling very depressed for weeks, or having feelings of harming your baby. Postpartum blues, or feeling down a few days after birth is normal and usually passes.
  • Painful spot on the breast that is red and tracking up the breast
  • Severe pain from a perineal laceration, foul smelling discharge and feeling unwell
  • Reddened area that is growing on incision site after a cesarean section, coupled with pus, swelling and fever

For Baby

  • Fever in the first three months of life is never normal in a newborn. Above 37.5°C or below 36.5°C
  • If your baby is limp or turning blue or grey in the face or chest-please first call 911
  • If your baby is very yellow, having white stools, yellow in the whites of eyes and inside the mouth
  • If your baby has become lethargic and not waking for feeds greater than 4- 6 hours
  • If your baby is having projectile vomiting with crying afterwards or green vomit
  • If your baby has not had a wet diaper in 24 hour period

Please also read this handout for further information:

Normal_Newborn_Behaviour_-When to page your midwife