Midwifery Students

Midwifery students may also be involved in your care. If your midwife has a student working with her, your midwife will ask for your permission to have the student present for your visits and your birth. Having students there during your care helps train good midwives for the future. Also, students may provide help during your labour.

Midwifery students are part of the midwifery education program-which is a four year bachelorette degree with an additional year mentorship following. During clinical placement they follow women just as a midwife would-under a midwife’s supervision. Many women give feedback that having students was a very positive experience.


Current Student Biographies

AshleyHello, my name is Ashley Hampton I am currently a third year student with the Midwifery Education Program at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. However as of May 2017 I will be a fourth year student and beginning my Senior Placement at Maternity Care Midwives here in Thunder Bay, Ontario. This placement will begin on May 2 nd 2017 and will last until April of 2018. I will be working specifically with the Dream Team – Carey Murphy, Eileen Abbey, and Mojgan Dostar. This will be my final placement, and I am very excited and humbled to be completing it with the Maternity Care Midwives. I was born in Manitoba, but I have lived in Thunder Bay for over ten years now. I graduated high school at St. Ignatius and began my university career at Lakehead University. I love Thunder Bay and all of the   (Ashley on far left of photo)  amazing opportunities that it offers, and I am  very excited to finish my education journey in the city where my passion for midwifery was first sparked. Some people may remember me from working reception periodically, if so I look forward to seeing you again, if not I look forward to meeting for the first time in May! Thank you for your time. Ashley Hampton.