When to Call Your Midwife: Birth

You’ve been waiting for nine months for this and your finally in labour! For first time mothers the most important thing to do when contractions start is to focus on resting, keeping hydrated and not focusing completely on contractions. If there is no frequency to your contractions or they are happening every 10-30 mins apart-do not time them! Distract yourself and focus on rest and hydration. Go for a walk if during the day, or if it’s getting time for bed take two Tylenol (500mg) and two Gravol (100mg) with a hot bath and tuck yourself into bed. Both of these medications are safe in your pregnancy.

Please Page When

  • Contractions are 5 minutes apart, lasting 60 seconds or longer and this is going on for one complete hour
  • If this is not your first baby and contractions are regular and taking your breath away please page as labour can progress quickly past your first baby
  • timing-contractions-300x200If your water breaks-no matter what time of day/night
  • If you soak a peri-pad with bright red blood-small amount of mucousy bloody discharge is normal in labour
  • If you do not feel baby movement-most babies will move even while your in labour, if you did not feel your baby move:Lie on your left side and focus on the movement-you should get 6 in 2 hours, if you do not get this-please page